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We understand that hiring a lawyer is a difficult decision. Whether you are about to go through a divorce or other family law issue, the lawyer you choose can have a huge impact on how your case turns out. 

At Hobson & Hobson, we want you to be comfortable with your entire process, from the initial consultation through the closing of your case. In addition to sound legal advice and execution, you can count on stellar service and communication from us and our entire staff. 

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Hobson and Hobson share insight on Social media During the divorce process

As social media continues to play an increasingly significant role in society, it’s no surprise that the ways it is used are changing every day. Gaining access to information at our fingertips can be a great thing, but you should always proceed with caution when using sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Before you start updating your social media profiles or adding new friends, remember this: what’s on the Internet never goes away. Any photos, status updates or rants about your ex can come back to haunt you down the road during a family law case. 

Watch our video to get a look at how Hobson & Hobson view social media during the divorce process. 

Hobson and hobson talk infidelity

Infidelity and divorce may seem unrelated, however in many divorce cases infidelity is a primary cause. According to a study conducted by the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy [AAMFT] [2016] out of 3,000 divorcees surveyed about why they chose divorce, 21% cited infidelity as one of the reasons.

From fault to non-fault, hiding financial assets, and separate bank accounts to reconciliations, judges’ opinions and custody.

In this video, Sarah and Chris Hobson dive deep into how infidelity impacts the divorce process. 

sarah Hobson and David Saxe share importance of financial advisors in divorce

Couples going through divorce often have to deal with a number of important financial decisions, including spousal and child support, property division and the responsibility for debts. In order to make these big-ticket items understandable and easier to address, it can be helpful for couples considering divorce to talk with a professional financial planner before proceeding too far down the road. 

Take a look at our video to get the inside scoop from a Financial Planner himself, who works with people going through the divorce process. 

Sarah Hobson & Samantha Dutto Talk Financial Security

CEO Sarah Hobson & Wealth Advisor discuss becoming financially independent, financial security, and how you can do so after divorce.

Hobson and Medley answer FAQs on refinancing your home

Refinancing your home can seem like a daunting task for anyone, and the added stress of a divorce can make it an even more complicated process. Sarah Hobson is a strong divorce attorney, and Bill Medley is a beast mortgage broker. 

If you’re looking for reputable opinions on refinancing your home before, during, or even after the divorce process, this is a duo that you don’t want to miss. 

Click on the video to the left to watch Sarah Hobson and mortgage broker Bill Medley discuss the ins and outs of refinancing a home. 

Hobson & Hobson Spill the tea on celebrity divorces

Chris and Sarah Hobson talk with Chuck and Chernoff on “680 The Fan” about Bill and Melinda Gates’ divorce, prenups, separation contracts, postnups, comedian John Mulaney’s divorce after rehab, and the advantages of filing for divorce first.

Sarah Hobson Shares the value of consultations when searching for an attorney

Here at Hobson and Hobson, value in a consultation is of the utmost importance to us. From the moment you sit down with one of our attorneys or our Director of Operations, you will have the ability to talk through your case in great detail. 

Every note taken from your initial call to our office has been given to an attorney or the director you are meeting with. Your case will be studied ahead of time so that when you meet with the attorney, you won’t waste valuable time giving your basic contact and case information.

Our consultations are where we draw out a road map of your case. You will have a clear understanding of where you are at in your particular situation. We will not only help you establish goals, but we will also show you how we will work to accomplish each of them. Every question you have will be answered. Our attorneys will educate you on your legal rights. 

Click on the video to hear our founder/CEO Sarah Hobson give the low down on how valuable a consultation really is during the search for an attorney. 


Sarah Hobson talks parental alienation

If you feel that your ex is turning your child or children against you, he or she may be alienating the children. Alienation and allegations of alienation frequently come up in custody disputes. 

The family lawyers at Hobson and Hobson advise their divorce and custody modification clients on how to avoid impairing a child’s relationship with the other parent. We also guide our clients on how to protect the child if they are being programmed by a former partner to reject a relationship with our client. 

Take a look at our video to hear Sarah Hobson’s opinions and tips on parental alienation during or after the divorce process.

Sarah talks leaving toxic relationships & divorce

Friends or family members may ask why you haven’t left a toxic relationship. You might think that leaving an unhealthy relationship is simple, but it isn’t always easy.

There are many reasons people stay in toxic relationships even when they are unhappy. It can be difficult for some to leave because of the lack of support and resources available to help them make a clean break from an abusive spouse or partner. Click on the video to hear Sarah Hobson’s view on toxic relationships. 

Sarah hobson Shares top Questions to ask divorce attorneys

If you are considering divorce, one of your first steps should be to find a good lawyer. Even if you have not made the final decision yet, you will benefit from getting some advice and information. A conference with an attorney will help you understand the divorce process, the cost, possible outcomes, and things you should do and not do to protect yourself.

In this video, Founder/CEO Sarah Hobson shares THE BEST questions to ask when you’re looking to hire an attorney for your divorce.

chris hobson gives some simple tips/info For Men on divorce

From questions on divorce costs, protecting your money, and budgeting, to confidentiality, ability to earn, and budgeting; Chris Hobson shares some tips for men looking to file for divorce. 

Chris Hobson shares knowledge on custody modification

There comes a time in your life where you may be looking to relocate or move. This can be challenging if you’re seeking or have joint custody arrangements with your ex who already lives elsewhere.

Chris Hobson takes a minute of your time to share his knowledge on Georgia custody modification, specifically when one parents wants to move or relocate. 

chris hobson gives the low down on gathering evidence to win custody

Click on the video to the right to hear founder/partner Chris Hobson’s 5 ways to protect your time with your children. 

sarah shares the ins and outs of an uncontested divorce

Many people going through the divorce process believe that uncontested divorce is a simple as agreeing on divorcing, but there’s a lot more to uncontested divorce than people think. 

In this video, Sarah takes the time to dive into what goes into an uncontested divorce in Georgia and answers questions you may have about divorce. 

sarah hobson gives opinion on filing first

Does it matter if you file first? Does filing first have any advantages or disadvantages? What happens if my spouse files first?

Take a look at the video, where Sarah Hobson takes a minute to go over the advantages of filing first and tackling the process of divorce.

sarah hobson answers "What happens when my ex stops paying child support?"

Founder/CEO Sarah Hobson takes the time to answer questions on missed child support payments. 

Some of the questions mentioned include:

  • Can I withhold visitation if my ex isn’t paying child support?
  • Can my ex decide not to let me see my children if I couldn’t pay child support?

sarah hobson answers "can my spouse be ordered to pay for college?"

In Georgia, when going through the divorce process, there are some specific aspects when it comes to whether or not your spouse can be required to pay your child’s college tuition.

In this video, Founder/CEO Sarah Hobson takes the time to answer questions regarding whether or not a spouse can be ordered to pay for their child’s college education.


get to know judge michelle homier

In this video founder/CEO Sarah Hobson interviews Cherokee County Judge Michelle Homier.

Sarah dives deep with questions for Judge Homier like “Why did you want to become a judge?” and “What were you doing prior to becoming a judge?”

During the time of the interview, Judge Homier was on the ballot in Cherokee County, and this video is a great way for people to get to know Judge Homier and where she stands on certain subjects.

sarah hobsons gives advice on what to do about an unfaithful spouse

Unfaithful? Cheating? Sneaking around?

In the state of Georgia, cheating makes a massive impact on divorce, especially financially. You should take specific steps if your spouse has been unfaithful and you’re looking for a divorce.

In this video, Sarah Hobson takes a minute to go over the impact cheating has on the divorce process and where to start if your spouse has been sneaking around.

sarah hobson talks custody modification

Founder/ CEO Sarah Hobson takes 3 minutes of your time to share when it may be time to switch up your parenting plan and file for a child custody modification. 

Chris hobson Gives Insight On Coparenting through The Coronavirus

Throughout the State of Georgia and across the nation, families have to co-parent through the COVID-19 outbreak. Families already struggle with co-parenting following divorce, and the school shutdown will undoubtedly make things more difficult.

This video is the start of a 4 part series hosted by Chris Hobson that dives into aspects of divorce during the Coronavirus.  Click on the video to hear what Chris Hobson has to say about how to come out of pandemic as the best co-parent.


chris hobson talks corona virus' impact on parenting plans

Part two of our Co-parenting through Coronavirus series.

In this video, Chris Hobson talks about how parenting plans are impacted by Coronavirus. 

chris hobson talks financial obligations during the corona virus pandemic

Part three of our Co-parenting through Coronavirus series.

Do you have concerns that you will not be able to pay your child support, alimony, or financial obligation?

In this video, founder/partner Chris Hobson answers all these questions and more.

chris hobson answers "can i still pick up my children for Spring break during the pandemic?" and more

Is your EX not allowing you to see the kids for Spring Break?

Is your EX using COVID-19 as a reason to keep the children from you?

Take 5 minutes to watch this short video and educate yourself on YOUR rights and what we can do to protect your time with your children.

hobson & hobson get personal: step parenting and Step parents

Life as a single mom is exceptionally challenging. It’s not an easy task to raise children on your own, and it’s even more daunting when entering the dating scene. 

Everyone has different ways when meeting potential partners, so there isn’t one correct answer that works for every family dynamic or situation. Still, if you are a single mom in the dating scene, we can relate. 

In this video, hear about how founder/CEO Sarah Hobson approached dating as a single mother. Then, her husband, founder/Manging Partner Chris Hobson discusses what it was like dating and then marrying a single mom.


Sarah Hobson shares her story & gives insight into her life

Warning! This is raw. January is “divorce month” and during that time period many people are on the fence debating whether you are going to stay in a bad marriage or if this is the year you are finally going to start claiming a better future. 

Here’s Founder/CEO Sarah Hobson’s story of how she got out of a custody case and a bad relationship UNSCATHED.

How to Find Hidden Money in a Divorce; Using Arbitration as an Alternative Dispute Resolution

On 680 The Fan, Chris and Sarah Hobson talk about forensic accountants or private investigators to track down hidden money. They also go into detail about the benefits of choosing arbitration as an alternative dispute resolution option. It’s quicker, cost-effective, and can be sealed and kept private.

Hobson and Hobson 680 The Fan: Does Britney Spears Need a Pre-Nuptial Agreement?

Chris and Sarah Hobson discuss Britney Spears’ engagement and the need for a pre-nuptial agreement to protect her assets. They also discuss with Chuck and Chernoff infidelity and what impact it can have on the outcome of the divorce.

Hobson & Hobson on 680 The Fan Discuss the Difference between Uncontested versus Contested Divorce

Chris and Sarah Hobson meet with Chuck and Chernoff on 680 The Fan discuss the difference between divorce or legal separation. They also discuss the difference between an uncontested versus contested divorce in Atlanta, Georgia.

Attorney Chris Hobson from Hobson & Hobson discusses co-parenting during Christmas and holidays

Attorney Chris Hobson from Hobson & Hobson visited our friends of 680 The Fan to discuss co-parenting during Christmas and holidays, prenuptial agreements, and mediation and arbitration.