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Hiring the right family law attorney is an important decision if your family is going through a transition.

Divorce suits can be emotional and legally complex, especially if you are involved in a high-asset divorce. The court system is often confusing and difficult to navigate, which is why you need our experienced legal representatives to walk you through it.

Custody decisions are also daunting, and your children depend on you to protect them physically, emotionally, and financially. For their sake and yours, it is important to collaborate with our experienced lawyers who can advocate on your behalf. Protect your best interests and those of your family with Hobson & Hobson.

Our dependable family law attorneys work tirelessly to represent clients in Roswell, GA. Our goal is to resolve your case quickly—but always thoroughly—while working to protect your assets and reach a fair custody arrangement.

Contact the Roswell family law attorneys at Hobson & Hobson, P.C. today, and one of our competent professionals will help you begin your journey toward an amicable resolution.


Hobson & Hobson: Roswell Family Law Attorneys

In other cases, partners may own long-term financial assets together or receive benefits from each other’s employer. Our adept Hobson & Hobson attorney can advocate on your behalf as those assets are divided, and fair settlement emerges.

We can also answer questions about Georgia’s regulations regarding access to a shared home during divorce proceedings. We will advise you on what happens during mediation sessions, how to file a protective order to keep you and your children safe, and many other potential necessities in the family law context.

Alimony & Spousal Support in Roswell, Georgia

Legal frameworks are complicated, and we know that your case may not end once your divorce concludes. If the court orders one partner to pay alimony and spousal support, we will work closely with you on the arrangements to ensure that you benefit.

Our lawyers work diligently to determine whether alimony and spousal support are appropriate to your needs. If not, we argue on your behalf for a reasonable amount and negotiate until there is an amicable resolution.

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We can help. We can guide you through the consultation process starting with a scheduled call back from a member of our intake team. If you would prefer to speak directly and confidently with an attorney, a paid hour consultation is also available. To arrange a meeting, contact us today.

Roswell, Georgia Divorce Attorneys

While many of our clients are in divorce proceedings, alimony and spousal support suits, or custody disputes, our Alpharetta family law firm also assists in the following cases:

The Hobson & Hobson team realizes that your family is not like any other, and we want to help you preserve your way of life. If you have questions about family law in Alpharetta, GA, feel free to contact our offices and let us help you determine your options.

While we would be happy to help you manage a quick and painless family lawsuit, it is not always a realistic expectation. However, our attorneys are not afraid to be relentless in a vigorous defense of your best interests. If you and your partner cannot agree on certain points, your Hobson representative will step into your corner.

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Roswell, Georgia Child Custody Attorneys

Georgia has very specific child custody laws that may not be obvious to people without family law experience. For example, a Hobson & Hobson lawyer can tell you what to expect from the co-parenting course that parents must attend under state law if they are involved in a custody suit.

Our attorneys can also explain the difference between physical custody and legal custody and help you understand how co-parents make decisions about faith, education, health, and extracurricular activities under different custody arrangements.

Remember that courts can alter child custody arrangements. Our Alpharetta, GA, family law attorneys can help you when your family circumstances have changed, perhaps since the court ruled on a child custody plan. One of the parents may deserve more or less contact with the children.

If one parent is a threat to a child, you could petition the court to terminate their parental rights. A Hobson & Hobson lawyer will discuss your options with you, taking into account your current situation, the other parent’s circumstances, and your children’s needs.

Experienced Child Custody Lawyers in Roswell, Georgia

Georgia’s child custody laws generally favor joint custody. The legal framework design facilitates the children’s relationships with both their parents, even after the family splits. However, that is not always the case, and judges have some leeway in determining the precise division of custody (even in a joint parenting arrangement).

Under the law, mothers and fathers are equally considered during custody suits and parenting planning. An experienced family law attorney in Hobson & Hobson team is the best option to present you with all your options and a long-term strategy.

Our attorneys will advocate for a fair agreement in the best interests of you and your children. We can also assist with grandparents’ rights, adoption cases, and amendments to existing custody arrangements.

Our Alpharetta staff is experienced in a range of other custody issues, assisting clients in wading through extremely tense and complex custody arrangements with ease. If you need a child custody attorney in Alpharetta, Georgia, contact Hobson & Hobson today.

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Divorce, child custody, and other family law matters are emotionally wrenching and rarely simple. Co-parenting, alimony, and spousal support assert long-term ramifications, and it helps to have a representative on your side for complicated decisions.

At Hobson & Hobson, we have assembled a compassionate team that genuinely wants to advocate for your best interests. Your physical and emotional health and financial security are important to us, but our compassion does not dull our fight. Our Alpharetta family law attorneys offer fierce representation to each of our clients, advocating for their needs and those of their children.

  • Going through a divorce is difficult for all parties involved. Chris and Sarah Hobson are friendly, professional and also empathetic to their clients needs. I would recommend them to anyone needing a family law attorney.

    Amanda Kolacz Avatar Amanda Kolacz
    May 28, 2021

    Responsive. Professional. Capable. I was assigned Attorney Carrie Owens in a family dispute over adoption/child custody. Ms.Owens was professional, prepared and won the case on all counts. I hired Hobson & Hobson from an out of state location (Texas). The firm was responsive to my needs, and the distance was not a difficulty.

    Cass Schaffer Avatar Cass Schaffer
    March 12, 2021

    We contacted Hobson & Hobson, PC to support our daughter in her Divorce. Chris Hobson did an excellent job in meeting our needs and crafting a divorce agreement and parenting plan that fully met our daughter's needs. His concern for our daughter and grandson exceeded our expectations. I would recommend Hobson & Hobson, PC for any and all family legal matters.

    Steven Hopkins Avatar Steven Hopkins
    March 9, 2021
  • Hobson & Hobson did an outstanding job for me on my divorce. Everyone from the front desk, the Intake Specialist, the Paralegals, and my Attorney were kind, courteous, and very professional! I had my first meeting with them on November 25 and my divorce was final on January 16. The cost was very reasonable and I could not be happier with the way my case was handled from start to finish! Thank you, Steve P

    Stephen Porterfield Avatar Stephen Porterfield
    February 11, 2021

    My husband and I recently obtained the services of Hobson and Hobson and we are so glad we did. They were truly amazing. Obtaining a lawyer can be stressful and expensive but we never felt like our money was going to waste and obtaining their services was truly easy. No stress at all. Our lawyer was Taifa and she was awesome. Super smart and through and her paralegals made our case super strong with all they did to prepare. They always responded quickly to emails and phone calls which was great since we live out of state and this was our only means of communication. We would highly recommend them to anyone seeking the kind of legal services they offer. Was truly an easy process and I feel like they made a stressful situation easier. Thanks for everything y’all did!!

    Casey Ward Avatar Casey Ward
    January 22, 2021