Atlanta Prenuptial Agreement Lawyer

Can you benefit from a prenuptial agreement in Atlanta, Georgia?

When you think about premarital agreements, you may imagine the stereotypical situation: a wealthy celebrity or titan of business demands a premarital agreement to protect the family fortune from a fiancée of modest means. However, you don’t need to be rich to benefit from a premarital agreement.

You may find a premarital agreement especially valuable if:

Some people resist a premarital agreement because they view it as an admission that the marriage is likely to fail. On the contrary, a premarital agreement can increase the likelihood that a marriage will succeed. A premarital agreement presents a couple with an opportunity to have a realistic discussion about how they expect to manage their finances and who they want to inherit their property. False assumptions can be exposed and examined before the marriage. Thus, the chances of marital conflict are reduced.

Prenuptial Agreement

You should consider a prenuptial agreement if

Postnuptial Agreement

You should consider a postnuptial agreement if