Family Law Arbitration FAQs

Arbitration Fees

 Hobson & Hobson requires a case initiation retainer of $1000 per party. 

Yes, a Hearing Deposit Fee is required 60 days prior to the scheduled hearing date to cover all estimated remaining fees and costs.  The deposit is determined by the Arbitrator during the Case Initiation Conference and is based on estimated time and costs.  

Fees are typically split between both parties unless an alternative agreement has been made.  Rates are $400 per hour; $200 per party should fees be split.  Parties are responsible for any additional fees incurred should proceedings require longer than the initial time period included in the retainer. 

Each party is required to provide a credit card as part of the fee policy.  After the hearing, Hobson & Hobson will issue a final invoice, provide a copy to all parties, and charge the card on file for the amount due per party should the invoice exceed the trust balance.

Attorneys/Law firms will be held responsible for any unpaid fees left by their client at the end of arbitration.  Decisions will be withheld if payment for services rendered is not received in full.


  1. Cancellation or Settlement 
    1. If a scheduled arbitration is canceled, settled, or rescheduled; all arbitrator hours, a $250 administrative fee, and the following cancellation fees will be deducted from each party’s deposit. Any balance due amounts will be billed to each party. Any unused balance will be refunded no sooner than 30 days after delivery of the award. 
  2. Cancellation/Rescheduling Date:           Cancellation Fee: 
  • 14 or more days before hearing date                     None         
  • 13 – 3 days before hearing date                             4 hours for each scheduled hearing day 
  • 2 days or less before hearing date                         8 hours for each scheduled hearing day 

Yes, call us at 678-990-1282 or email

First, both parties will retain the services of a Hobson & Hobson Arbitrator. A case manager will contact you to schedule a Case Management Conference. At this conference, both parties will confer with the arbitrator, and a date will be set for the hearing as well as a preliminary hearing if one is necessary.

General Information: or you can upload it to your client portal once the matter has been opened with the firm.

 Yes, call us at 678-990-1282 or email

Yes, please see our virtual meeting policy.

This document will be provided to all parties via email or can be downloaded here.

This document will be provided to all parties via email or can be downloaded here.

Payments & Billing

Once the hearing is complete, the firm will log all time, generate an invoice, pay the invoice out of your retainer and charge your card for any outstanding balance.  Invoices will be shared with all parties via their client portal.

This will be shared via your client portal.

Please contact our office with questions or email  

  1. At the time of scheduling
  2. At the end of your hearing for any additional time; decisions will be withheld if payment is not received.


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