Atlanta Contempt of Court Lawyer


Failure to Pay / Failure to Obey

At Hobson & Hobson we routinely handle contempt and enforcement issues for our clients in and around our offices in Marietta, Canton, Alpharetta Milton and Roswell. Contempt can be failure to pay alimony and / or child support. It can also be failure to obey custody or visitation orders.

As your trusted family lawyers, we are prepared to fight for your court ordered alimony and / or child support. Through the judicial system, we are able to assist clients in recovering unpaid support (either spousal or child), we consider all possible requests to obtain proper compensation, including garnishing wages, license suspension, seizure of tax refunds or assets and even jail time. We are ready to be aggressive in our approach in child support and alimony enforcement, but our attorneys also recognize the value in trying to resolve disputes in ways that protect the emotional health of children involved. As advocates for your personal well-being, we never want matters of family law to get ugly if they do not have to. At Hobson & Hobson, we are here to provide sound legal strategy amongst the often complicated issues of a divorce, which may unfortunately involve child support and alimony enforcement and contempt of court.

Marietta Child/Spousal Support Attorney

If you are tired of fighting over alimony or struggling to make ends meet because of unpaid child support, please contact our office to schedule a consultation today. You have legal rights that can be pursued in upholding your original divorce agreements.

To discuss any Georgia family law issue, including property division, in an initial consultation with one of our child custody attorneys call 770-284-6153 or email Hobson & Hobson, P.C.


Parenting Plans

What do you do when the other party is not following the parenting plan that was court ordered? Maybe the other parent is not allowing you time with your child on the agreed upon dates? We can help you file a contempt action with the court, letting the judge know that the other person has not followed the parenting plan. Call us to talk about the specifics of your case.