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The purpose of this appointment is to learn the specifics of your problem or opportunity and educate you on what steps you and our firm need to take to plan for the best possible outcome. When you retain, you will be introduced to your legal team. You will walk out knowing what the next steps are, what evidence you need to gather (or we will gather on your behalf), and with relief that H&H’s tenacious attorneys are on your side.

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At Hobson & Hobson we have developed a custom tailored process for prospective clients that focuses on the client’s goals and values. Our solutions driven approach allows us to analyze if we are the right fit for you and your legal matter.


Options For Consultation​

We understand that all cases do not fit into the same box. Prospective clients come from all different walks of life. Our goal is to make the first step as easy as possible. After gaining the peace of mind from the first meeting, most of our clients only wish they had contacted us sooner.

Concierge Services – For professionals that value time, we provide an option of us coming to you. A senior associate will travel to your office and have a one-hour strategy meeting at your location. Contact us for pricing and availability.