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What to Do If My Ex Doesn’t Want My Child To Get the COVID Vaccination?

Divorced parents often get used to having disagreements regarding their children. Even after the initial custody agreement gets drafted and signed, it is tricky to co-parent with an ex. Parents generally learn to navigate minor disagreements, achieving a (sometimes uneasy) …

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Make Divorce Work—3 Tips About Social Media

Could your post on social media affect your divorce? Yes! Going through a divorce is stressful enough. Now couples must worry about how their social media posts could harm them. According to the National Law Review, 81 percent of attorneys …

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Why You Need a Family Attorney to Protect your Family Affairs

Dealing with family issues can sometimes feel overwhelming, particularly when legalities are involved that make problems more complex. While many people believe family attorneys only handle divorce and child custody issues, in reality, they do much, much more.  Did you …

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Back to School Tips During Divorce

Back to school is stressful for children and parents alike but can be even more stressful when there is a divorce in the works or a recent divorce. Even if joint custody has worked throughout the summer, parents may worry …

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Child Custody in Georgia—Summer vs. School Year

The divorce is final, and you think you and your ex have successfully hammered out a custody and visitation arrangement for the children. Then summer arrives, and you (belatedly) realize that the custody arrangement doesn’t quite address all the summer …

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When a Child Has Been Raised Primarily by a Grandparent, Can a Parent Get Custody?

In today’s world, it is not all that uncommon for grandparents to raise a grandchild. Perhaps the parent has drug or alcohol problems, or there are other reasons the parent is unable to care for the child. Many grandparents have …

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