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Dealing with legal matters that affect your family can be emotionally taxing and lead to significant life changes. In such situations, seeking counsel from skilled lawyers can help ensure a favorable resolution. A family law firm can assist you with a variety of issues, ranging from divorce and child support to adoption and parental rights.

At Hobson & Hobson, P.C., our Duluth family lawyers have successfully guided clients across Georgia through complex matters and facilitated amicable resolutions. As a premier family and divorce law team in Duluth, we have helped countless clients achieve optimal outcomes in their family-related legal disputes.

In many instances, our clients benefit from resolving disputes outside the courtroom. Our legal professionals at Hobson & Hobson strive to settle family law cases amicably, resorting to litigation only when it serves our client’s best interests. Regardless of whether we are in court or during settlement discussions, we will take the necessary steps to safeguard your family and assets.

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Various life events may necessitate the expertise of family law attorneys. At Hobson & Hobson, we approach each family law case with empathy and understanding. Our legal services encompass several practice areas, including:

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Duluth, GA Family Law Solutions

With Georgia ranking as the 7th highest state in divorce rates nationwide, dealing with divorce can be both emotionally and financially challenging. It is crucial to seek guidance from attorneys well-versed in Georgia’s divorce law.

The lawyers at Hobson & Hobson will stand by you throughout the entire process, helping you and your family transition smoothly through the divorce. Below, we outline some common legal services we offer related to divorce.

Uncontested Divorce and Mediation – In Georgia, truly uncontested divorces and family law matters are rare. An uncontested divorce typically signifies that both parties can reach an agreement without negotiations or mediation. This out-of-court option minimizes divorce costs and emotional distress. However, it does not eliminate the need for a family law firm; instead, it means that agreements made outside the courtroom are accepted without a judge’s input or feedback.

We recommend hiring a family lawyer nonetheless, as negotiations can break down, forcing both parties to seek legal advice.

Contested Divorce – In some cases, settling family issues related to divorce, asset division, and child custody is challenging. Emotions run high during this stressful period, which can hinder negotiations.

An experienced family law firm or divorce attorney can make a difference by acting as a neutral third party, providing valuable insights that may be difficult to obtain due to your proximity to the situation.

Often, Hobson & Hobson’s skilled divorce lawyers can negotiate an out-of-court settlement even for contested divorces. If your spouse refuses to resolve issues outside of court, our attorneys will litigate assertively to protect your rights.

Don’t leave your family law matters in the hands of your spouse’s attorney and the court alone — you need someone to support you throughout the process. The proficient Duluth family attorneys at Hobson & Hobson do precisely that.

Child Support and Custody – Child support and custody are among the most difficult and emotional aspects of divorce negotiations. The U.S. Census reports that fewer than 45% of custodial parents receive the full amount of child support agreed upon in a divorce. Hobson & Hobson attorneys will fight to ensure parents financially support their children during and after a divorce.

There are times when parents need to modify child support and custody arrangements. If parents agree to the change, the situation is easily resolved. However, if they disagree, it becomes a complex legal process that requires Hobson & Hobson’s counsel.

Our family law attorneys are trusted advisors in negotiating your children’s future. We aim for an out-of-court settlement that is agreeable to both parties and minimizes the impact on your children’s emotional and physical well-being.

Nevertheless, we are prepared to take the issue before a judge if necessary, providing steadfast legal advocacy for our clients during one of the most challenging times in their lives.

Alimony and Spousal Support – Judges consider numerous factors when deciding how to divide marital assets and award spousal support. Hobson & Hobson attorneys will help you understand your options and negotiate the desired support arrangement. Although spousal support is more commonly awarded to women, the number of women paying support to their ex-husbands is increasing.

Executive and High Asset Divorce – Each divorce is unique and legally complex. Couples with substantial financial assets require a family law attorney proficient in divorce law to effectively resolve financial matters. Hobson & Hobson attorneys have assisted many clients with significant assets in protecting their property, investments, businesses, and privacy.

High asset divorce often necessitates the services of a CPA or forensic accountant to uncover hidden assets and clarify complex financial situations. It is also essential to accurately value property, businesses, and investments for asset distribution.

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