Newsletter | January 2021

You Don't Have to Live This Way Divorce and Leaving Toxic Relationships

“You don’t have to live this way!” Perhaps you have heard this recently from a friend or family member.

Many times a friend or family member will say, “Why don’t you just leave?” But by saying “Just leave,” it shows us that they don’t really grasp the weight – psychological, financial, or spiritual weight- of being in your circumstance.

We want you to know whether you are in it now or have been in that circumstance in the past; there really is no judgment here.

We understand how challenging, how difficult it can be to come out of an unhealthy relationship. Ultimately it’s for each person to determine how they see themselves, how they see their relationship, and how they see their options for change.

Here at Hobson and Hobson our vision is a world where everyone is wanted, protected, and loved in their home.

Attorney Success Story: Legitimation and Father's Custody

“But I Signed the Birth Certificate”

Father’s Rights are important to us at Hobson and Hobson. We frequently answer calls from men who have had a child out of wedlock and believe they are the legal father, because they signed the birth certificate.

Unfortunately, that is a common misconception, and if the relationship between the father and the mother becomes difficult, legal problems can soon follow.

Parental Alienation

Parental alienation is when one parent disparages the other parent to a child or children. For example, perhaps a mom tells her child that their dad doesn’t love them anymore or want to see them. Or a dad tells his child that their mom prefers her new family (and kids with her new husband) to them.

Alienation and allegations of alienation frequently come up in custody disputes. Here at Hobson & Hobson, our mission is to ensure that children are permitted to have loving and meaningful relationships with healthy parents. Our goal is to do all that is legally possible to keep the child in a home where they are wanted, loved and respected. And that their natural desire to have a relationship with both healthy parents is respected.