Newsletter | February 2021

Have You Ever Considered "Divorce Insurance"?

You buy car insurance in case you get in an accident, right? You buy life insurance in case you suddenly pass away and you want to leave funds for your family. Well, the question is, “Why are people not planning for divorce?” I know that’s out of the ordinary and you don’t talk about that, but the reality is that 50% of marriages end in divorce. I want to have a conversation with you guys – a healthy conversation – about planning for the possibility of divorce. It’s what I like to call divorce insurance.

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Sometimes Conflict Is Necessary

Sometimes conflict is necessary during divorce, and sometimes it just gets in the way. A certain level of conflict in a divorce is expected; financial questions, stresses and feelings that originally caused the divorce tend to spill over into the divorce process.

It is important to understand that regardless of your feelings for your spouse, Georgia’s family law courts encourage cooperation. Not only do they encourage it, but in cases involving division of assets, they more or less expect it.
At the end of the day, when the divorce does not have the emotions of children involved, the Courts expect the parties to work out the financial pieces of the divorce.

HOWEVER, that does not mean there will not be conflict when dividing up the assets during a divorce…

Hobson & Hobson Success Story: Division of Assets During Divorce

“I Don’t Want to Lose My Life… Or My House”

“I didn’t know what to do – I was afraid he was going to shoot me so I went to stay with my mother. Does that mean he gets to keep the house that I’ve paid for?”

You have probably heard countless ads on the radio with divorce lawyers telling listeners in no uncertain terms “Don’t move out of the house during a divorce”. This way of thinking has been so ingrained in our collective consciousness that men and women both are afraid to leave the marital residence for fear of losing their stake in it, even while they fear for their personal safety.

Our client Rebecca* was the primary breadwinner in her family. She made 90% of the household income, paid all of the bills, and received no financial contributions from her husband. Even though she and Max* had been married for almost two decades, their relationship was quickly deteriorating. There were weapons all throughout the home…