Newsletter | December 2020


What You Need to Know About Getting Divorced at the End of the Year

2020 is almost a memory…it’s time to look to the future
Oh 2020, it’s been a long year, one that we are ready to see in the rearview mirror. But before moving into the next year, many people like to take the last couple of weeks in December to assess and evaluate where they are in their life. Because of the pandemic, 2020 was a year of disruption for the entire world: physically, emotionally and financially. The reset of daily patterns and schedules has been a good opportunity for growth and reflection on what you would like your life to look like going forward.
We realize that each day is a fresh start. How many times have you said at the end of a bad day, “Tomorrow is a new day!” and resolved it would be a better day. How many of us have said that about an entire year? “2021 will be better”, or “I can’t wait for 2020 to be over,”. This feeling happens in marriages as well. The resolution to leave a marriage is coupled with the hope of making one’s life better, stronger, happier and more fulfilled…

Attorney Success Story: Secrets Revealed

At Hobson and Hobson we see all types of divorce. Some are fairly simple and require legal documents to be drawn up and filed on our clients’ behalf. The majority are complex, and become more snarled and complex the further we get into discovery.
The more involved the case, the more important it is to hire an attorney who can develop a strong strategy to achieve a favorable outcome.
Jennifer* suspected that her husband Jim* was having an affair and was ready to consider divorce. She contacted our firm and asked how to move forward. The first thing we advised her was NOT to spy on him…

Spirit of the Season

This holiday season we are happy to be supporting Goshen Valley Boy’s Ranch and hope that you will consider donating to this cause as well. They provide a safe haven for young boys and believe that every child deserves to know the safety of a home, the love of a family, and the hope of a future. They exist to provide these for young men and children in the foster care system that they might experience full healing.
Goshen Valley Boys’ Ranch currently has 105 foster youth in their care. Here is a link to their Amazon wishlist or you can simply bring the presents to us at our Marietta office by December 22 and we will deliver them!
Goshen Valley Boy’s Ranch’s mission is to provide peace and purpose to youth in foster care.

"The Simple Divorce Guide" by Sarah & Chris Hobson

Our Book is Out!

The American dream has always been to get married and have a couple of kids, get a dog or cat, and own your own home and cars. Things don’t always work out and the problem and pain of divorces begins. Divorce will never be easy but with the help of Sarah and Chris Hobson and their book, The Simple Divorce Guide, divorce can be less traumatic than people make it out to be.