Avoiding Anxiety and Conflict During Your Divorce

Avoiding Anxiety and Conflict During Your Divorce


Divorce is an emotionally charged process. Even the most innocuous or insignificant of circumstances can spiral out of control at a moment’s notice. These 7 tips will help you maintain your peace of mind and avoid escalating conflict with your spouse during your divorce.

#1. Change the way you think about your spouse.
Imagine your spouse as a business associate or co-worker whom you might not like, but with whom you must work. Your “business” is rearing your children and negotiating a satisfactory arrangement to end your marriage.

#2. Walk away when emotions flare.
Back off and allow time for things to settle down. Maintain as your mantra: “This is just business now.” You will be happier both in the short and long run, and your children will remember you for it later in their lives as well.

#3. Use your lawyers as buffers.
When a topic comes up that you and our spouse don’t agree on, don’t let it provoke a fight. Instead, ask your spouse to consult his or her lawyer and tell your spouse you will do the same.

#4. Believe what your lawyer tells you.
Your spouse may feel animosity toward your lawyer and attempt to undermine your confidence in him or her. Believe what your lawyer tells you and not what your spouse says.

#5. Don’t fall for threats and posturing.
Be skeptical when your spouse tells you what the law is or what his or her lawyer has said. Don’t believe your spouse if he or she tells you, “My lawyer says I’m going to get everything and you are entitled to nothing.” Or “I’ll get custody and make sure you never see the kids again.”

#7. Don’t negotiate or settle on your own.
Do not negotiate the terms of your settlement with your spouse without your lawyer’s knowledge. Do not make any agreements or sign any documents without talking to your lawyer first.

#8. Get a post office box and secure your divorce paperwork.
Maintain a post office box for the duration of your case so that your attorney can send you mail that has no chance of being intercepted by your spouse. Do not keep letters from your attorney or other paperwork from your divorce anyplace where it can be found and read by your spouse.

Having attorneys that have relevant experience with these types of legal matters is absolutely essential. Our firm understands this and specializes in breaking down those complex cases and providing clients with fair and reasonable legal solutions. If you have questions about how we can help you, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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