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Finding Hidden Assets in Divorce Cases

Are you going through a divorce and want to ensure fair distribution of assets? The court will determine the division of assets under divorce law, prenuptial agreements, and other legal considerations during the divorce process. It is human nature, particularly in an unfriendly divorce, for one party to hide assets. An experienced lawyer can help identify hidden assets in the divorce case and ensure their fair distribution between spouses.
If a spouse alleges that the other is hiding assets during a divorce, this could lead to an investigation to determine the hidden marital assets. For example, if a valuable piece of jewelry goes missing or funds disappear from a joint bank account, the court would consider these assets missing. The investigation will often focus on the following questions:

Sarah Hobson & Wealth Advisor Samantha Dutto Talk Financial Security!

We welcomed Wealth Advisor and Debt Crusher Samantha Dutto to our YouTube Channel with a discussion on how to prepare and protect your financial security while going through a divorce. She and CEO/Owner Sarah Hobson discussed what our clients should be considering before, during, and after a divorce. She describes the 3 step approach to reaching financial success on your terms in all phases of your life.
Samantha can be reached at 678 451-4735 or For more information, visit her LinkedIn page.

Back to School: Study Tips for Success

School is back in session! As you and your kids adjust to the new school year and perhaps a new chapter in your life after a divorce, it’s a good time to start new routines or reinforce old ones. Below are a few tips for successful studying!
A Distraction-Free Setting
A distraction-free setting is the first step to a successful study session.
  • Turn off any music or television before the kids start to study. Some benefit from playing white noise or having a fan going, as sometimes the absence of any sound can be distracting for some.
  • Studying in solitude has benefits. Being able to say things out loud can help remember them. Be a sounding board for your child.
  • And of course, have healthy snacks and water. It provides a nice study break and re-energizes the body and mind.
Taking Productive Breaks
Just because it’s important to stay focused doesn’t mean someone should study for hours without any breaks. Breaks can also help you study.
  • Take a break once every hour or every hour and a half. This can help your child’s brain refocus on a task and help avoid burnout.
  • Take active breaks! Make it something that will help and make it fun. Try taking a walk or playing outside for a few minutes, as aerobic exercise can help boost brainpower.
Test Their Knowledge
One of the most effective ways to ace a test or grasp a topic is to test oneself prior to any type of official test.
  • Use mnemonic devices. If you can use mnemonic devices, they may help your child remember specific facts for later.
  • Make flashcards. Flashcards are a great way to quiz on various information. Make the main subject on one side and bullet points of key points to remember on the other.
  • Partner up and ask them questions. This helps them remember and retain what they learned.

Remember that what works for someone else may not be exactly what works for your son or daughter. It’s okay to find what works best for them. There’s always something new to learn about, so hopefully these tips help!

We Made It!

We are humbled and honored to be ranked on the 2021 Inc 5000 list of fastest-growing private companies. We work hard as a team to serve our clients and to grow as a firm so we can continue to help more and more families going through a challenging life event! Thank you to our clients for trusting in us!

Welcome to the Team!

We are very pleased to announce that Hobson and Hobson has added a new member to our team. Welcome to our new Legal Assistant Meghan Blinsman!

Hobson & Hobson Featured on 680 The Fan

Chris and Sarah Hobson discuss with Chuck and Chernoff the Evander Kane case and how damaging airing grievances on social media can be during a divorce.

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