Hobson & Hobson P.C Named As A 2020 Law Firm 500 Honouree

Hobson & Hobson P.C is pleased to announce their law firm has been named a 2020 Law Firm 500 Honoree awarded to the Fastest Growing Law Firms in the US

Running a law practice is a complicated endeavor that requires constantly monitoring many moving parts while trying to make money and keeping clients happy at the same time. Add to this the pressure of forward movement, and it takes a really dedicated team to record constant growth year in year out. 

There are many Law Firms in the United States, and there are only a few ways that a Law firm can distinguish itself from many other people practicing law even in the same state. Getting named as one of The Law Firm 500 Honourees is one of them. 

Hobson & Hobson P.C Did It!

Hobson & Hobson P.C. are pleased to announce that their law firm has been named a 2020 Law Firm 500 Honoree awarded to the Fastest Growing Law Firms in the US

What Is The Law Firm 500 Award?

The Law Firm 500 Award is geared towards honoring those law firms in the United States that have experienced major growth in any particular year. These are law firms that have shown clear, measurable and impactful growth.

The law firms that make it on the list have been profiled and ranked based on their gross revenues during the past three years. It is essentially an award that is given to recognize the fastest-growing law firms in the United States.

What It Means To Be A Law Firm 500 Honouree

It is an immense honor to be named on this prestigious list of law firms that are doing amazing things and impacting lives. It is also an indication that the firm is doing something right, and that it is growing exponentially.

Even though the award is given based on the growth of the firm, it also shows the effectiveness of customer relations and the quality of the work done. Growth does not happen in a vacuum, it takes all the departments of the firm working in perfect synergy.

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