Do You Need a Lawyer for an Uncontested Divorce in MIlton, GA?

Divorce happens in the US every 36 seconds. These splits are almost always emotionally painful and logistically complicated, especially when marital businesses, assets, and property are involved. Even if you choose the path of uncontested divorce, there are still things you’ll need to smooth out.

Our Milton divorce attorneys are ready to help you through this. We understand how to navigate stormier waters if the process gets difficult. This guide can give you an idea of what proceedings to expect in Georgia.

Here, we’re going to talk about why you need an attorney in cases of uncontested divorce. Read on to learn how divorce lawyers can help you through this trying time.

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During a divorce, among the most significant concerns are the safety and future of the children and their sense of family. Some divorces can lead to intense custody battles between parents that can last for months. When a couple gets divorced in Georgia, a judge can help determine which custody outcome is likely to serve the family’s best interest.

At Hobson & Hobson, a family law attorney can help any divorcing parents in the Milton, Georgia, area resolve their custody conflicts.

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What Is an Uncontested Divorce?

In some divorces, the two parties cannot agree on important matters regarding the split. These disagreements may be about marital assets, marital property, children, and more. This dissent can make negotiations challenging, and an attorney can help you negotiate the best possible deal with your ex’s lawyer.

These are called contested divorces. These are fairly lengthy processes because negotiations must be made before the divorce can be finalized. The process can take months and is generally best avoided because it is costly, time-consuming, and emotionally draining during an already difficult time.

Uncontested divorces are a much smoother and simpler alternative. The former spouses choose not to battle each other for assets or property in these cases. Instead, they independently come to an agreement about their distribution and work together towards a faster and less draining divorce.

Note that you cannot file for an uncontested divorce if domestic violence is present. You must agree that your marriage is ending for a no-fault reason.

What Do Agreements Entail?

Some things that you must agree on include:

  • The reason behind your divorce
  • That this reason is no-fault
  • How property and financial assets should be divided
  • Who should take any pets during the split
  • Spousal support and alimony
  • A family plan for child custody
  • Child support payments and frequency
  • Restoration of a maiden name 

You also must both meet Georgia state residency requirements.

This may sound challenging, but at least 90% of divorces are uncontested. If all parties are committed to reaching a fair and reasonable solution, the process of divorce is much easier. Remain amicable and willing to negotiate alongside the lawyer representing you.

Do You Need an Attorney for Uncontested Divorce?

Short answer: yes.

Many people choose not to have an attorney when they file for an uncontested divorce. They feel ready to navigate the process on their own. Often this means signing up for an online divorce service and filing paperwork digitally.

This sometimes works for couples that had extremely short marriages and few assets to divide. However, it’s far from a good idea.

Divorces are emotional affairs and require a lot of negotiation. If you and your former partner do that negotiation with your own heated emotions, you are unlikely to reach the most favorable settlement possible. You also will have an overall terrible time and a more acrimonious divorce that can make family affairs difficult.

On a personal level, an attorney can help during an uncontested divorce. They can also help on a logistical level.

A Thorough Understanding

Couples filing for divorce alone don’t always know the ins and outs of marital law. Experienced attorneys understand all of the legalities and can guide you through them.

This gives you peace of mind because all of your questions get regularly answered. When you have all the available knowledge, it also can help you to negotiate the best possible settlement for your assets.

In some situations, you and your ex-partner may even find that uncontested divorce isn’t a possibility. Even if you thought that your split was amicable enough to negotiate, asset division can be challenging and lead to disagreements. An attorney can make sure that uncontested proceedings are even possible.

Legal Document Preparation

Filing for divorce in Georgia requires a lot of paperwork that can be complex for those without legal expertise. Attorneys can help you to prepare these documents the right way and ensure that all i’s are dotted.

They can check everything to make sure there are no legal loopholes that your ex-partner could exploit in the future. They can also direct you to helpful resources that help you fill out all forms the right way. You won’t be stopped in court later because you did paperwork wrong.

Hidden Assets and Dishonesty

Since divorces are so difficult, parties will occasionally try to hide assets or money from each other. This might include hidden bank accounts or family properties in other parts of the US. An attorney can ensure that your ex is being honest so you don’t miss out on assets that you’re due.

Ready to Get Started?

We can help. We can guide you through the consultation process starting with a scheduled call back from a member of our intake team. If you would prefer to speak directly and confidently with an attorney, a paid hour consultation is also available. To arrange a meeting, contact us today.

Ready to Get Started?

We can help. We can guide you through the consultation process starting with a scheduled call back from a member of our intake team. If you would prefer to speak directly and confidently with an attorney, a paid hour consultation is also available. To arrange a meeting, contact us today.

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How Can You Find a Family Law Professional?

Finding a legal professional may sound like a challenge, but it’s possible as long as you know what you’re looking for. Make sure that you do your research and find a reputable Milton divorce attorney. Knowledge, education, and experience are critical concerns.

Ask your attorney how many cases they’ve taken on and what their success rate is. Any lawyer will be happy to give you these statistics. They also will be happy to redirect you to online testimonials from former clients.

You also need to make sure that the attorney you’re hiring specializes in divorce law. Ask them if it’s their main career path or just a subsection of their practice. Then, make sure that the family law professional you talk to will be the one handling your case.

At this point, make sure that your lawyer is up-front and communicative. Ask to see copies of their law school certification and any awards they claim to have. This doesn’t just confirm their quality but also shows you how transparent they are.

Begin Filing for Uncontested Divorce

While the uncontested divorce process is simpler than alternatives, it still requires the help of a divorce lawyer. Now that you know why you need one, it’s time to begin finding an attorney that best fits your needs.

Our Milton uncontested divorce lawyers are committed to helping you get a fair settlement during your legal separation. Schedule a consultation with our experts to see if we’re a good fit and discuss the next steps.

For legal assistance, please contact our family law attorneys at Hobson & Hobson law firm.