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Contested and Uncontested Divorce in GeorgiaDivorce can be daunting. Your questions and doubts may make you feel like you’re sailing a sinking ship. 

What will happen to your assets? If you have children, how can you be assured that you and your spouse will reach a fair custody agreement? What if you and your spouse can’t see eye to eye?

Our Alpharetta divorce lawyers are ready to help you through this. We understand how to navigate stormier waters if the process gets difficult. This guide can give you an idea of what proceedings to expect in Georgia.

Our divorce attorneys are knowledgeable in all areas of divorce and custody law, and we’re always happy to answer any questions you may have. In the meantime, here is a complete overview of the divorce process from start to finish.

The Basics of Uncontested Divorce

An uncontested divorce in Georgia occurs when both spouses agree to the terms of the separation. You and your spouse work together on it all.

You both will certainly have to negotiate. For example, 

  • What if one spouse lives nearer to your children’s school? 
  • How does that affect your plan for custodianship?
  • What child support plan should you both create? 
  • Do you need to consider alimony for a spouse? 

What makes an uncontested divorce remain that way is you and your spouse always being able to find a solution. Even during tough questions.

Things can get heated. This is even if you and your spouse have good intentions and want to remain friends. You are both taking on a lot while dealing with emotional ups and downs. You can certainly find help through this process. Working with a mediator can help. A neutral, third party may be able to you both see the other’s point of view.

You can also hire work with one of our divorce attorneys in Alpharetta to give you advice. 

Proceedings with an Uncontested Divorce

Proceedings in Georgia can take a while even if you and your spouse agree on the terms of your divorce.

You both will still need to file the required paperwork with the Georgia court system. You’ll need to submit proper court forms and a divorce settlement agreement. We highly recommend hiring an attorney through the paperwork filing process. You may think you won’t need one. After all, you and your spouse reached an agreement and don’t have to go through the steps of a heated trial.

However, even the act of filing paperwork is a legal process. When the paperwork goes through, you agree to a legally binding contract. Breaking it could result in a penalty. Having a divorce lawyer at Hobson & Hobson, P.C. look through your divorce settlement agreement and other forms will give you a valuable second pair of eyes. We can help find terms you may not be comfortable with.

Having an attorney by your side is also useful in case things get ugly. You and your spouse may have good intentions. However, sometimes you just can’t agree. If you both reach an impasse, your divorce becomes a contested divorce. We can be there to guide you if things get more difficult. 

The Basics of Contested Divorce

 A contested divorce in Georgia is when you and your spouse cannot agree on certain terms of your divorce. Even if you two can’t agree on one issue, like alimony, then your divorce can turn contested.

You can start by working with one of our attorneys. Sometimes, one spouse’s attorney will negotiate with the other spouse’s attorney. You separately read over negotiations and perhaps come to an agreement.

Sometimes, compromise isn’t possible after this. Then, your disagreements will go to court.

Sometimes we have to pursue litigation and a trial. You and your attorney will present evidence to the court for your case. Your spouse will then do the same.After that, it is up to the courts to decide upon the solution to your disagreement.

Contested divorces can take a lot of time and present complex legal challenges. Working with one of our attorneys can help you get through this tough time. 

What if a Contested Divorce Affects My Decisions about Custody and Child Care?

If you have  children, a contested divorce could put an extra strain on your family. Just divorce alone puts them in a difficult emotional place. The kids have to transition to a whole new understanding of what your family means. It may be hard for them to comprehend that they will be dividing time between you and your spouse. If you and your spouse are in a contested divorce, emotions could be running high. Your kids may see both of you upset, hurt, or emotionally drained. 

Maybe a difficult part of a contested divorce is that you may feel like your outcome is out of your control. After all, the courts are possibly going to decide on how you will be working on the division of assets, paying child support, alimony, or more. If the burden of caring for children and working through a divorce gets to be too much, your emotions may get the better of you. This is why we are by your side every step of the process.

An experienced Alpharetta divorce attorney at Hobson & Hobson, P.C. can work through emotionally charged negotiations. We will work on presenting your side fairly in court.  

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